Additional Reports and Services

Protect your interests

At Bacchus Partners, we provide reports and services to help protect your interests in your property.

Dilapidation Report

A confusing word! But it refers to a report on a building’s condition usually just before an event, such as road building, where damage may be caused. It is the “before” and can be retained to compare with the “after”.

Bacchus Partners have produced several hundred of these each with a vast number of photographs. Protect your interest in a property.

Defect Report

The advantage of a Building Defects Inspection Report is to have an independent Building Expert Report which can then be issued to the builder for the rectification of the defects or incomplete works.

A Building Defects Inspection Report is a list of the issues and contains photographs and method of rectification so that they can be clarified and rectified by the builder or developer.

Pool Compliance report and certificate

The need for a swimming pool compliance certificate is a legal requirement in selling or leasing a property with a swimming pool. Bacchus Partners building consultants are able to carry out an inspection and provide advice where needed to ensure the swimming pool barrier is compliant with the requirements of the Australian Standards and provide the relevant certification of compliance.

We can provide a complete and independent service. A pre-sale building and pest report can be combined with pool compliance certification so that you can be fully prepared for sale. At a price from $770.00

BCA Compliance reports

These reports are prepared for a number of reasons including:
Compliance reports in accordance with the BCA for submission to the certifying authority.

At the request of the council to identify non-compliance in an illegal building structures.
BCA compliance for the design of a new building prior to submission.

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We certify the full range of structures including:

We specialise in Complying Development Certificates for fast Approvals, Construction Certificates, Principal Certifying Authority (PCA) and Inspections and Occupation Certificates.







Swimming Pools


Granny Flats

Multi Storey Residential

Efficient, fast approvals

Our advanced electronic management system allows for an efficient, fast approvals process and includes easy electronic submission of Applications or alternatively come and see our professional staff in the office.

Large client premium service

Get your own Service Officer assigned to your company who is always available for advice.
We crunch the process specific to your building company to improve efficiency and consistency for fast approvals.
Large clients will get discounted fees (negotiable).

We provide professional, outstanding service

Bacchus Partners is a family business established in 1999 with over 25 years of industry experience.

“In the many years Integrity New Homes South Coast have used the services of Bacchus Partners, we have found them to provide a very prompt and thorough service. All inspections have been timely and they have always been willing to assist with any technical issues that have arisen. We value their professional service and have no hesitation recommending them to anyone in need of accredited building certifiers and consultants. “

Mark Redding

Director, Integrity New Homes South Coast

Ive been working alongside Paul and Bacchus Partners for over 7 years and can say that the level of professionalism and knowledge is first rate. Great team. Worked on Commercial or Residential projects.

George Saadi

Director, CDC Private Certifiers

As a medium to large residential builder Residential Property Group have always found Bacchus Partners to be more than capable of handling the large volume of our sites across multiple areas in an efficient and effective manner.

The team at Bacchus Partners have always exceeded our service expectations and we have no hesitation in recommending Paul and his Team.


Residential Property Group

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Get the peace of mind only a Bacchus Partners Pre-sale Building, Pest Inspection and Swimming Pool Compliance Report can offer